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Consortio civium Invictum is organising the seventh international Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival from 22nd December 2022.

SFFF offers fresh and diverse views of the innovative world of fashion and film. The fusion and work of creative professionals within the fashion, film and advertising industries has been recognised worldwide. The focus is on the symbiosis between fashion and film, featuring a diverse selection of fashion films, commercials, music videos and short documentaries.


All participants will have the opportunity to participate in a series of exciting events where top professionals will be able to share their experiences and knowledge. There will be interesting lectures and discussions on the panels that enrich and develop the art form. SFFF is the biggest fashion and film event in the region.

The fashion is not diffused only on the catwalks or by stripping the frozen pages of magazines ... Silence ... It turns ... The first clap for this edition promises to be rich, interesting and relevant ... 

Open your eyes.

Those who sew it, draw it and shape it, those who film it and project it know sometimes and often have this distance on their universe which is structured like a star system ... Idols like babydolls then become muses inspiring creators of the world ... The directors capture, through the eyes of a lens, in a wide angle or in cinema-scope a small detail, a soft rustle of fabrics, the sound of a gloss deposited on lips for us take in our fantasies ...

It's sometimes the quest for a youth, the question of gender, an ostentatious prism , the hysteria of a moment or the absurdity of an idea ... In the end, the melting pot of ideas becomes a storyboard always intriguing. The railroad makes us think about possible futures ... The whole world finds itself at the Sarajevo International Fashion Film Festival in a dark room ... With the internet and the power of social networks, the animated image has become this tense flow that must be captured on the fly ...

Amela Radan and Zeljko Ivankovic

The duo brought together visions and commentaries to make this third edition a success that counts and will count. Amela Radan has gravitated in the world of fashion and style by working in the organisation of local and international events connected to educational institutions in the textile and design sector. From Zagreb to Sarajevo, via Belgrade, Ljubljana, Milan and Paris, Amela Radan is a well - known and recognised businesswoman, winner of Women's Magazine's 2003 Women of the Year Award. The director of the Fashion Week Sarajevo co-founded the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival ...

In this adventure, she is accompanied and supported by Zeljko Ivankovic, Festival Director and co-founded the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festiva.

Mr. Ivankovic is Film & TV producer with 25+ years of experience, working with TV broadcast stations, entertainment and film industry. Zeljko is entertainment industry veteran who launched his career in former Yugoslavia followed by Munich and London. Mr. Ivankovic’s experience covers the spectrum of the film festivals, live TV shows, concerts, sport events, live performance, etc. Mr. Ivankovic quickly demonstrated an instinct for the entertainment business, rapidly moving up the ranks. Motivated, organised, able to handle large volumes of data and meet deadlines.

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival Director also has this relevant eye for encrypting fashion films. Strong organisational characteristics gained in different environments, all told, Mr. Ivankovic has worked on more than 100 European events.


Cut, fades, shots, a close-up on a face tell a story in the story with fresh ideas, colourful concepts. Fashion is therefore his cinema. Yet, the genre gives a more experimental, intimate, visionary vision that does not find its equivalent when the classic film retraces the fashion in biopic version with Yves Saint Laurent, in comedy with Zoolander or transposing a novel with The Devil Wears Prada ... In these films, the essence that shapes a fashion system is never captured but always diverted ... The film of fashion is for this festival another work of art in its own right ...

In the lens of the camera

It is a question of merging the work of the professionals of the sector between creation and industry of a fashion, a cinema and an advertising ...   The accent is put on the symbiosis between an idea of ​​the mode and a cinematographic kind who becomes the body support. The diverse selection of fashion films, commercials, music videos and short documentaries is a real wealth ...

Fashion Awards

The grand conference of Hotel Hills Sarajevo becomes the darkroom to reveal national and international talent with a global cast. For 6 years of SFFF we had over 3000 submissions from all around the world. Professionals in the film industry, such as fashion photographers, designers, stylists, models will find a place to be made ... Beyond the competition, the participants, through a series of events in the festival, will share their experiences and knowledge.

Conferences ... Discussions and exchanges .

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