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Powered by NGO Consortio Civium Invictum

Brought to you by the driving force of NGO Consortio Civium Invictum, the Sarajevo International Fashion Film Festival (SIFFF) stands as a testament to a commitment to empowerment, creativity, and the convergence of diverse artistic expressions.

A Commitment to Empowerment

NGO Consortio Civium Invictum is at the forefront of fostering positive change and empowerment within communities. With a mission rooted in resilience and invincibility, the NGO serves as a catalyst for transformative initiatives that bring together people from various backgrounds, fostering unity and creativity.

Igniting Creativity

SFFF, powered by this visionary NGO, is not merely an event but a platform where creativity ignites. The collaboration between NGO Consortio Civium Invictum and SIFFF represents a synergy that goes beyond the realms of fashion and film, aiming to inspire, uplift, and create a positive impact on a global scale.

A Vision for Innovation

As a proud supporter and initiator, NGO Consortio Civium Invictum envisions a world where creativity knows no bounds. The fusion of fashion and film is not just an artistic endeavour; it's a vehicle for social change and inspiration, aligning with the NGO's core values of inclusivity, diversity, and resilience.

Empowering the Artistic Spirit

Through the support of NGO Consortio Civium Invictum, SFFF goes beyond the surface, delving into the heart of artistic expression. By providing a platform for emerging talent and established professionals alike, the festival becomes a catalyst for the growth and empowerment of the artistic spirit.

Join us in celebrating the union of creativity and empowerment at the Sarajevo International Fashion Film Festival, powered by the unwavering commitment of NGO Consortio Civium Invictum. Together, we embark on a journey where art, inspiration, and positive change intersect, creating a lasting impact on the world of fashion and film.

Unveiling a World of Creativity

Immerse yourself in a world where fashion transcends the runway and magazine pages. SFFF invites you to witness the fusion of fabric, art, and narrative—a realm where every stitch and frame tells a captivating story.

The festival is not merely an event; it's an opportunity to engage with top industry professionals, participating in riveting lectures and panel discussions that enrich and elevate the art form. SFFF stands as the premier fashion and film event in the region, promising an edition that is rich, interesting, and relevant.

Eyes Wide Open

SFFF beckons you to open your eyes to the intricate details captured by those who sew, draw, shape, film, and project. Icons become muses, and directors capture the nuances—soft rustles of fabric, the sound of gloss on lips—all feeding our fantasies through the lens.

It's a quest for youth, a exploration of gender, an ostentatious prism, the hysteria of a moment, or the absurdity of an idea—all woven into a storyboard that intrigues. In the dark room of the Sarajevo International Fashion Film Festival, the world converges to witness the ever-evolving art form.

Cinematic Fashion

Fashion is more than what meets the eye on the catwalk—it's cinema in motion. The festival presents a genre that is experimental, intimate, and visionary. Unlike classic films that often divert, fashion films capture the essence, making them unique works of art in their own right.

Through the Lens of the Camera

At SIFFF, we bring together professionals, bridging the gap between the creative and industrial aspects of fashion, cinema, and advertising. The emphasis lies in the symbiosis between fashion and film, with a diverse selection that represents a true wealth of creative expression.

Fashion Awards

Sarajevo becomes a darkroom, revealing national and international talents with a global cast. Over the years, SIFFF has received over 3000 submissions from around the world, providing a platform for professionals in the film and fashion industry to shine.

Conferences, Discussions, and Exchanges

Beyond the competition, SIFFF is a space for conferences, discussions, and exchanges, where participants can share experiences, gain knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals. Join us in exploring the fascinating intersection of fashion and film at the Sarajevo International Fashion Film Festival—an unforgettable celebration of creativity, innovation, and the art of storytelling.

Welcome to the Sarajevo International Fashion Film Festival (SFFF)


Where creativity takes centre stage, and the dynamic convergence of fashion, film, and advertising unfolds in a global celebration of innovation.

Discover a kaleidoscope of perspectives on the cutting-edge realms of fashion and film, showcasing a curated selection of fashion films, commercials, music videos, and short documentaries. Recognized globally, the collaborative efforts of creative professionals have forged a unique symbiosis between these two dynamic industries.

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